Vote one of these 3 women to the Blitz Babe 2013® Semi-Finals

Due to her recent work in St. Barts (and elsewhere) - Candice Swanepoel has received a bye into the semi-finals of the inaugural Blitz Babe competition. We've used fan input and page view stats to further narrow the field to 9 beautiful contestants.

Over the next days and weeks we will have you, the reader, vote to select three more semi-finalists to compete against Ms. Swanepoel for the title of Blitz Babe 2013®.

First up, from Showtime's Shameless -- Emmy Rossum.

Our second pick (in no particular order), Hayden Panettiere from ABC's Nashville.

Rounding out our first crop of three is the UFC's Brittney Palmer.

In your hands now. Vote for one of the three babes above. Put them in the semis against Candice.

*UPDATE -- Brittney Palmer moves on to the Semis with 45% of the vote. Emmy finished with a respectable 33% and Hayden rounded out the voting with 22%. You have a voice for round 3. Vote for the Blitz Babe 2013®.

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