Gil Cheung, Brandon University Coach, Hits 1/2 Court Shot, Wins Tuition Reimbursement for Kid

Brandon University Bobcats coach Gil Cheung hit a 1/2 court shot Friday night and it won Mason Kaluzniak free tuition for 2012-13.

The University had been running the promotion all year. Friday was the last night for a kid to have a shot at winning and they let Mason pick a shooter (weeks past, kids shot themselves), so he picked the coach.

“As I walked to the middle (of the court) he’s just like ‘You better be picking me,’” Kaluzniak said. “So I just said ‘I gotta go with Gil.’ I didn’t have my hopes up, I just figured if he misses I can bug him a little bit. I didn’t think he was actually going to step up and cash it like that.”

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