Plenty of $9 Yankees tix on StubHub despite severed relationship; Hub office opening across street from Stadium

The NY Yankees might have thought that they'd seen the last of StubHub after they severed their relationship with the broker and started The Yankee Ticket Exchange with Ticketmaster. John Crudele says not so fast:

Recently StubHub sent out an e-mail saying “MLB 2013 Tickets Are Here.” And, sure enough, there are plenty of Yankee tickets in the batch. Thousands of spring training tickets are listed for as little as $9. And there are also thousands of other tickets for regular season games at prices below what the Yankees are asking.

For the April 18 game against the Diamondbacks, for instance, StubHub recently had 2,720 tickets listed. And the cheapest ones were being offered at $8, which includes delivery and service fee.

If fans buy from the Stadium directly, those same seats are $20. The cheapest seats — those in the bleachers — cost more than $12 if bought from the Yanks.

Oh and 68 E. 161st Street Bronx, NY​...2500 sf has been leased to StubHub...meaning if you buy your Yankees ducats via the can pick the hard tix up, basically, at the damn Stadium.

NYACA § 25.01 - 25.35 prohibits a ticket reseller from reselling a ticket within 1500 feet of the event. "...prohibited from reselling tickets within a defined buffer zone of 1,500 feet from the physical structure or ticket office of a venue having a permanent seating capacity in excess of 5,000 persons..." So...may the 'sale took place online not here' rules be printed in bold.

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