'That dude' Cris "Cyborg" Santos calls out UFC champ Rousey to 'Step up, bitch!'

UFC Women's Bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey takes on Liz Carmouche at UFC 157 on February 23rd. For those with a passing interest -- that weight class is 126 to 135 lb. Cris Cyborg Santos, the self-proclaimed 'Best Pound for Pound Female Fighter in the World,' was Strikeforce's Women's Featherweight Champion. That ran at 136 pounds to 145 pounds.

She had her last win changed to a no-contest after she tested positive for stanozolol.

So what does a cheat do when they can't get a fight? They tweet.

Late last year Rousey addressed the weight class differences:

"I just don't understand where her [Cyborg's] sense of entitlement is coming from. She hasn't fought in like two years and won a fight that's really counted. If this happened to a man, think about it, if this was the men's division, and it was someone who hadn't recorded a win in two years then had their title stripped from them because they were caught cheating -- would you expect them to come back from their suspension and be like, 'I want the biggest title fight out there, with all the considerations that I want? And if not given to me, it's because they're running from me."

Yep, Winstrol is a nice drug, isn't it? Sense of entitlement is bad enough. The need to rage and drop the 'bitch' line? Classless.

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