Yankees Reverse Course on StubHub, Confuse & Lie to Mike Francesa

On February 12, 2013 -- NY Yankees COO Lon Trost tells Mike Francesa that fans will need to find a way to take delivery of hard tickets when using StubHub.

Just a week later, Yankees prez Randy Levine lashed out:

“The desperation of StubHub is becoming more evident every day as they realize that the Yankees Ticket Exchange is a better product, is a more reasonably priced product and more secure product,” Levine countered. “StubHub will stop at nothing, including mischaracterizing the ticket market, trying to make a comparison of nonverifiable tickets on StubHub as compared to actual traceable tickets. This is the reason most fans will go to the Yankees Ticket Exchange.”

A little over a month later fans have been bombarded with Yankee ads for season and single tickets. Banners, radio, TV. 24/7 -- why? Because they can't sell anywhere near the amount of tickets they forecast-ed internally. And the one way to, they hope, increase the worst sales they've seen in over a decade? Allow StubHub users to print tickets during a window of 48-3 hours before game time.

You know, sorta like a partnership.

Oh, and then lie about the 02/12/13 conversation to Mike Francesa to cover up the change of course due to the poor sales.

See, there's a first for everything. Mike promised something that was actually true. “Being an official partner is a very nice thing to have, but it’s not a need-to-have,” said StubHub CEO Chris Tsakalakis. Indeed.

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