'Citi Field of Dreams' Calls out Craig Carton over Zack Wheeler 'Rant'

Craig Carton called Zack Wheeler the biggest bust in Mets history the other day.

So today? 'Citi Field of Dreams' (and Blitz bud Tanya Mercado) called CC out. As Craig Carlton. Repeatedly. Because big star Carlton is just that well known. (Also note the transition that includes 'big fat' - that's a nod.)

Next up Carlton will win some pseudo award or something for his book. You just watch.

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  1. Anonymous8:06 AM

    I have never been a Carlton fan and have always thought he was a know nothing big mouth! I can't believe he's on WFAN? How did he ever get that gig? I could do ten times better!! A lot of big prospects have had bad starts and still turned out to be great players! Another pitcher had bad command problems when he came up but had a very nice career, his name was Nolan Ryan!! Give the kid a chance before saying he's
    a bust!!

  2. Craig8:07 AM

    Hey anonymous, post your name so we can gauge just how good you are.

  3. Anonymous12:42 PM

    its carton dumbass.


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