Erin Andrews Dresses like 'a Casino Cocktail Waitress': Phil Mushnick

Yesterday we pointed out that "Erin Andrews is fantastic. Well liked and professional. Must be the rip off TruBiotics she hustles to the uninformed."

This morning, Phil Mushnick adds:

Now I get it. Judging from her latest publicity shots, Erin Andrews, first with ESPN, now with Fox, still wants to be regarded as a serious journalist — who dresses like a casino cocktail waitress.

EA's reponse to Phil (and Michelle Beadle, probably). She's #1.

Jeeze, you'd think someone with such a clean colon would lighten up a bit, no?

*Update -- Phil's not thrilled with Jeane Coakley either.

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  1. Anonymous1:39 AM

    I have come to the conclusion that when a writer isn't famous enough or just not talented enough then the person to run down is Erin Andrews!We watch her because she is a very smart woman who has been in the sports business for 13years! She is talented&does know sports which I think some men aren't man enough to admit that is their problem with her! The picture he used today as he example of her dress was ridiculous in the dress wasn't short & in very good taste!Plus when has a cocktail waitress dress been this expensive? Fox is alright with how she dresses then it isn't our business. As for her commercial I see nothing wrong with it as doctors recommend probiotics for your immune health! Babies on ventilators put on probiotics have less pneumonia which results in less death! Sum it up writers or whoever needs more reader etc trash Erin Andrews as she is more famous! Sour Grapes?

  2. Actresses and models are so found of Red carpet dresses. They are what define their carreer and what define them aswell. Why wouldn't them define you aswell ?!


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