Million Dollar Hole-in-One Shoot-Out Winner May Have Been Drunk

On August 22nd Jeff Barton competed in the Corley’s Million Dollar & MKZ Hybrid Hole-in-One Shoot-Out -- winning the million dollar portion.'s Bob Jarzomski indicates that Jeffrey may have been a wee bit drunk at the time:

Barton was in a clubhouse bar with his boss when his name was picked and he didn't have any clubs. He had to borrow a left-handed 8-iron. His boss handed him a beer and told him to "chug it, then swing away,” retired Erie attorney Dennis Williams relayed of his son-in-law Barton's prep work. “You can see that the guy taking the video was trying to follow the ball in the air, then it lands on the green and starts rolling toward the hole. The people are cheering for it to go in, and everybody goes crazy when it does. It’s the most bizarre thing I’ve ever seen.”

But the line of the day goes to Jeff himself who, after watching the competitor before him hit it into the water, said, "I can’t embarrass myself any more than that guy."


Here's the wonderful ace video.

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