Today marks the 1 year anniversary of Mike Francesa calling Matt Harvey 'nothing but Mets hype'

“8-23-12!” — the date Mike Francesa trashed Matt Harvey as mere hype, similar to when he trashed Dustin Pedroia as “a nothing.” Phil Mushnick reports:

But the big number, today, is 1. Today is the first anniversary of Mike “Let’s Be Honest” Francesa’s crazy-go-nuts spew about the Mets, during which he identified Matt Harvey as nothing more or better than the latest nothing being pitched by the Mets’ bogus hype machine.

By the end of this past spring training, Francesa was touting Harvey as a star — one who he, the all-knowing Mike Francesa, recognized would be a star before anyone else.

Although Francesa flatly denies he ever said — let alone shouted — a discouraging word about Harvey, this tape, unlike his post-9/11 spew condemning American Jews as disloyal Americans, does exist.

Shoot, I listened to it again, yesterday. Happy Anniversary, Honest Mike!

Mike be honest? Yeah, right. Just ask Craig Carton.

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