Bradley Friesen 'skated' his helicopter through a frozen pond ice hockey match

Bradley Friesen, an insane helicopter pilot, dropped in on a game of Canadian pond hockey...

“They titled it as ‘insane pilot slides helicopter through game of hockey,’ and everybody went, what the hell, who would do that? That’s not what happened,” Friesen said.

Reached by CTV News, another pilot, Tarek Husevold of Bellingham Aviation, said his first reaction after seeing the video was that it could put the players in danger. “You could catch a skid and roll onto the hockey players,” he said.

But Husevold called back after having seen the “making of” footage, and conceded that the whole thing was “pretty cool.”

Here's the behind-the-scenes prep work.

Still, Friesen said he wanted to defuse the controversy, and complained about himself to Transport Canada.
“I need to explain how this was done safely, how this was done responsibly, and I sent it to Transport Canada in advance of any complaints,” he said.

Transport Canada confirmed to CTV News that it is investigating whether any of its rules were broken, including whether Friesen had the correct paperwork and filming permits.

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