Mike Francesa reported Arod's news for WFAN from lunch, doesn't understand suspension & spring training rules

Mike Francesa called Evan Roberts, from a diner, to discuss Alex Rodriguez' suspension yesterday. Sweats doesn't understand suspension and spring training law and either has or hasn't spoken to anybody.
  • "I haven’t spoken to anybody yet. I just heard this was coming down."
  • "I figured it would be 100 or 162 — one or the other. It’s 162."
  • "I haven't spoken to anybody yet so I don't know anything else."
  • "I'm actually in the diner with Harrison and I just got a call."
  • "I asked them what they expected the other day, I called up I hadn't talked to them in a long time and I asked his lawyers 'What are you expecting?' and they said 'We're expecting 162.'  

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