DWTS fans rip Erin Andrews' voice on Twitter

Erin Andrews hosted Dancing with the Stars last night. The show's fans took to twitter, immediately:

But come on people, how is she supposed to fix the sound of her voice?

“Was just channel surfing, heard Erin Andrews' voice for about 5 seconds and wanted to stab myself in the ear drum with a spork.”

“Erin Andrews voice could peel paint. I'd rather listen to the piercing sound of a fire alarm with a dead battery.”

“Erin Andrews voice!!!! Can she breathe through her nose? Let just hope she doesn't say "probiotics.”

“My mother would just like to say via my twitter she does not like Erin Andrews on #DWTS and she says her voice is annoying.”

“Erin Andrews' voice = nails on blackboard. Seriously, her delivery is inhuman.”

“Gahh, Erin Andrews voice has to be the most annoying thing EVER!”

And, finally:

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