Sandy Alderson's comments on Jacob deGrom show they & no one in the MLB know why they're using innings limits

The practice of limiting innings for young pitchers in Major League Baseball is common, though no one knows why, or how, to do it. Imagine the weight lifter working towards a size (or, in smaller goals - a new weight target) just quitting in Mid-August. "I'll head back to the gym in January."

No. No way. They're going to keep building on the past day, week, months, towards getting stronger. But you know what they might do during the course of a year? Go from working out 4-5 days per week to taking a week off in March. Another in June. Another in September. Why? Because that type of scheduled time off allows them to recoup, physically and mentally. They come back stronger and with less aches and pains in the return week. (The Yankees may want to look at giving guys off, you know who they are, in 5-7 blocks instead of the, pretty much, useless 'day after night' and 'day here and there' approach.

Think the big boys know better? Listen to Mets GM Sandy Alderson on Jacob deGrom's 185 inning limit for 2014:

General manager Sandy Alderson said they are weighing different options, but are leaning toward letting him get to the number without altering his routine since he’s been pitching well and has emerged as a Rookie of the Year candidate.


“I think that’s one possibility,” Alderson said before Monday’s 7-1 win against the Phillies at Citi Field.

“Right now, I don’t think we want to interrupt the flow that he has going,” Alderson said. “The success he’s had.”

Great. So don't stop him at 185 either then. There's a glut of surgical centers waiting for more Tommy John candidates despite the limits. Because? You don't know what you're doing.

Ah, but wait. A possible other way emerged according to Alderson. “Another possibility is to maybe skip him a start if we find the right spot to do it. So I think we have a couple of different ways of approaching that.”

Why are there two ways they might limit his innings? Why are there a couple of different ways of approaching that? Indeed, because they have no idea what they're doing. If we find the right spot to do it. What does that mean?

You already know.

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