Following in the footsteps of Joe Benigno, Evan Roberts a Mike Francea kiss up

WFAN's Joe Benigno has always tried to curry favor with Mike Francesa. (Just ask Craig Carton.) Back in his overnight days, the Post's Phil Mushnick would, as a favor, stay up late and appear as a Benigno guest. Until Francesa & Mushnick had their fallout. Phil told Bob in back in 2011: "'Dude, Francesa and I used to be tight. He'd even admit - or at least he used to - that my columns were what landed him his own show on FAN. No fooling. You can look it up! Then he began - or tried - to use me.' And that's where we split."

Seems Francesa at one time was a WFAN source for Mushnick. One time Mike leaked info to Phil, who reported it. On his next show, rather than not mentioning the story at all -- Mike instead ripped the story as a lie. A story he had provided!

And now it seems Evan Roberts is doing the same exact thing. A WFAN mole tells us that Roberts has gone to Mike Francesa, not just for career counsel...but for permission to do certain outside of WFAN projects.

Formerly Funtime
To Evan "I never wanted to do TV" Roberts (who peaked at 19) some advice: Joe Benigno is not a good role model.

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