Boomer & Carton's Al Dukes' contribution to the video age: Mike Francesa countdown clock

Boomer Esiason at his peak can put out a viral video once or twice per month...on his own. Colin Cowherd, because his producers understand, much like Howard Stern's crew does (and Boomer's does not), that video is important -- can put out one per day.

Producer Al Dukes has let the B&C radio program fall off a cliff with repetitiveness - using audio v video to no one's gain despite having access to all the regular video outlets and being simulcast to boot.

So...what's Dukes' latest digital contribution to the cause? The Mike Francesa countdown clock. A red light blinking monster that is going to be facing CBS Sports viewers - potentially wrecking havoc with their collective eyes and, potentially, seizure disorders.

mike francesa retirement countdown clock

Look away!

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