Craig Carton said the word 'alright' 33 in 17 minutes this morning


New York sports talk radio host Craig Carton sets another repetition record

New York, NY - April 8, 2016 - WFAN's Craig Carton set a repetition record at 6:19 AM this morning when the sports talk show host used the word 'alright' an amazing 34 times in just 17 minutes.

The crutch record set is for total occurrences as the rate of use, here 2 per minute, fell way short of Marc Malusis' rate of use for the phrase 'you know' - which still stands at a world standard 27 per minute. (It even fell short of Carton's 3.8 uses per minute of the word 'right,' set last month, though the top rated host did use that word Friday 27 times during the same record breaking period.)

Craig '100%' Carton says that he'll remain in lockstep with Mike Francesa - chasing the proverbial unicorn of crutch records.

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