Mike Francesa told THR his is bigger than yours is

And? He knows every stock. Every single stock.

So where does Francesa go from here? Not into retirement, although he loves spending time at his Manhasset home with Roe, his wife of 15 years, and their three preteen kids, and has plenty of savings. ("I'm a big stocks player," he volunteers. "I have a huge portfolio and I know about every stock. I'm a big trader.") Not to SiriusXM like Russo, although the company has deep pockets. ("It's very easy to get lost there," he asserts.) Not to ESPN, which tried to hire him in 1991, but which he now detests for banning its talent from appearing on WFAN (as part of an effort to break into the New York radio market itself) and for being bad for sports (athletes now play to be on SportsCenter, he asserts). Besides, he says, "Cable's dying," adding, "ESPN's no longer the mothership. Once you go to skinny bundles, ESPN's dead." (Even so, he and Russo reluctantly agreed to be the subjects of a 60-minute 30 for 30 episode. Overseen by two former CBS producers, Danny Forer and Ted Shaker, it has already begun filming and will air next year.)

He loves spending tie at home with his wife. Just can't not lie.

THR put together a set of 'FRANCESA’S FAVORITES'

SPORTS TEAM/PLAYER: "The only team I’ve ever been a fan of is the Yankees and the only idol I ever had was Mickey Mantle."

SPORTS MOMENT WITNESSED IN-PERSON: Game six of the 1996 World Series (when the Yankees clinched a World Series for the first time since 1978), 1991 Super Bowl (when the Giants won because Bills’ kicker Scott Norwood missed a field goal attempt “wide right”) and game seven of the 1994 Stanley Cup (when the Rangers won for the first time in 54 years).

BOOK: "The best biography of all-time and the greatest book I've ever read is David McCullough's Truman, which won the Pulitzer Prize. I've read it three times and would recommend it to anybody. The best sports biography? When Pride Still Mattered, David Maraniss on Vince Lombardi." (He also pays a guy to find and buy for him every book ever written about John F. Kennedy.)

MOVIE: 1972's The Godfather, 1953's Shane, 1938's The Adventures of Robin Hood and 1947's Body and Soul. (He’s a SAG-AFTRA member — “and I do like to vote [for the SAG Awards],” he says. The 2015 movie that he loved? Room — “The kid [Jacob Tremblay] should have been nominated. His performance was the best performance I’ve seen on film in five years. I thought it was brilliant and he should’ve gotten the Academy Award.”)

TV SHOW: Showtime’s The Affair. “I can’t wait for that to come back, I love that show,” he says, adding, "The Housewives stuff is stupid — I mean, I wouldn’t let any of them in my house. That show is deplorable."

SONG: Bryan Adams' "Summer of '69."

MAGAZINE: GQ. "I actually like to keep up on the styles," he says.

RESTAURANT: Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse, located across from Radio City Music Hall at 1221 Ave. of the Americas.

HOTEL: A tie: the Four Seasons in midtown Manhattan and the Trump Soho.

RECURRING WFAN GUEST: The late George Young, former general manager of the New York Giants.

DUMB ON-AIR CALL: "There have been way too many," he says. "I don’t want to hear 'How are you,' I don’t want to know what they had for breakfast and I don't want to hear how great I am — because it’s all bullshit. I also could do without 'First time, long time.'"

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