The Irish Times rips Mike Francesa as committing 'every possible crime against supposed good radio'

Dave Hannigan of the Irish Times has taken Phil Mushnick / Bob's Blitz like aim at the radio slob that is Mike Francesa.

Here are his 5 sharpest jabs (according to Randy Miller):

"That he commits every possible crime against supposed good radio has never affected his popularity. Excessively long periods of dead air are an irritating feature of his shows and he once fell asleep at the mike while discussing his beloved New York Yankees."

"In interviews, his questions to athletes and coaches are ridiculously elongated statements of his own exaggerated opinions rather than genuine inquiries designed to elicit answers."

"Utterly dismissive of callers, the supposed lifeblood of the program, he never, ever admits he's wrong, and even worse, often pretends to know more than he does — just the other day making ludicrous claims that $1,000 seats at Yankee Stadium were being sold for three bucks in the online ticket markets."

"As time has gone on, however, the 62-year-old does sound increasingly like a cranky and rather pompous old man, bristling at the intrusive growth of something like soccer (sawcah!), always stubbornly contending that the older players were better and the long-ago games more true."

"He cannot seem to summon the same caliber of outrage for weightier sports topics. ... His opinions about steroids have always been pitched somewhere between ill-informed and willfully myopic. One especially sycophantic interview with the Yankees' Alex Rodriguez, during which he allowed every single lie go unchallenged, will go down in the broadcast annals as a note perfect rendering of America's laissez-faire attitude towards performance-enhancing substances."

The Irish Times...America At Large: Sports Pope/Dope – a mix of Dunphy, Clarkson and Partridge -- Mike Francesa, New York’s most popular sports talk show host, is bowing out

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