Windows Update (4/12/16) Hung, Canceled KB3148198, and Now are Frozen

So we go to Windows Update today.  And it canceled KB3148198 and failed.

Windows Update Diagnostic shows:

And even though the 'New Updates are Available' bubble eventually showed up on the taskbar...

...clicking got only this.

Checking for those new updates...hangs forever. Only positive? Get Windows 10 patch KB 3035583 had returned and ... we couldn't download it if we had wanted to.

*Update, Windows Update Diagnostic found and fixed 3 of 4 errors. The 4th error had to do with permissions. Yes, we are the administrator. Tried reset cmd files created with notebook. Tried 'batch file to reset Windows Update.' All no go.

Used disk cleanup to get rid of 800mb of WU crap. Ran anti-virals. All clear. Shut down the machine and just said, forget it. 2 days was up and working again, on its own. So exercise a bit of patience. And? Yes - we hid KB3035583.

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