Fail: John Sterling a piece of crap Yankees shill

Continues to be.

Saturday, stuck in the car with John Sterling — we all have been there — during the third inning of Red Sox-Yankees, he began to marvel at how Yankee Stadium is packed with fans.

Really? Even for Boston games, since new Yankee Stadium opened as a greed palace, packed houses have been rare, as in extinct. Was Sterling, a career shill, just trying to fool those who couldn’t know/see better?

Sterling was insistent: “Close to a sellout. You look around at the five decks and they are filled with people!”

Big story, worth confirming. So I checked the DVR of the third inning. Figured. Apparently, Sterling didn’t bother to look slightly down, just in front of him, where hundreds of seats — the best seats in the house, along both baselines and behind the plate — were empty. Again.

Even up-close but expensive outfield seats showed large clusters of empty.

There are two kinds of homers. Bob Murphy was a homer. When the Mets, won he would advise to stay tuned for “the happy recap.” But he never told us lies.

Sterling is a dishonest shill. Saturday, he told us — reported — he saw something we all by now would know to be unusual. He asked us to see what wasn’t there. Again. And the Yankees, for over 25 years, have presented Sterling as the perfect guy for them — and for us.

Later, the Nationals played the Cubs at Wrigley. As seen on FOX Sports 1, every seat — backstop and baselines, right on up — was stuffed. What was seen was very similar to what John Sterling, “Voice of the New York Yankees” for crying out loud, earlier described to a radio audience from Yankee Stadium.

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