Long jumper Greg Rutherford had sperm frozen over Zika virus

British long jumper Greg Rutherford has had his sperm frozen over Zika virus fears. His WAG, Susie Verrill, explains.

The Zika news has caused no end of concern if we’re totally honest. We’re not ones to worry unnecessarily, but after more than 100 medical experts stressed the Games should be moved to prevent the disease from spreading, this was a huge factor in us choosing to stay put.

We’ve also made the decision to have Greg’s sperm frozen. We’d love to have more children and with research in its infancy, I wouldn’t want to put myself in a situation which could have been prevented. Specialists still also don’t know the ins and outs of Zika, so even though it looks as though there’s no real issues should Milo get bitten, it’s just another thing we don’t want to chance.


Come August, Greg will be travelling to Rio to undertake a job and I’ll be staying at home. No less supportive than I’d be if I was there with him and with all our loved ones who also want him to succeed. And at least from the comfort of our own living room I can see his actual face, the Grandmas will know where he is and Olympic officials won’t be giving me the stink eye.

[Susie Verrill]

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