Try this before any doggie downers for your thunderstorm / fireworks disturbed canine

canine thunderstorm fireworks
NaturVet Quiet Moments Calming Aid is a Godsend. 9 year old GSD who was trained to be OK with noise (dropping cookie sheets in same room as a puppy...) hates thunder and fireworks. A big thunderstorm would equal panting, circling, heading to the furnace room and the always fun - digging up mats and or certain spots of carpet in order to 'get away.'

Benadryl had no effect.

Got NaturVet Quiet Moments Calming because we liked the Tryptophan / Melatonin combo. The Passion Flower and Chamomile were nice add ins.

Gave her one to see if she tolerated it. She did. First storm with the bottle in the house we gave her 2 pills. (And did a good job of getting them to her about 30 min before - yes, they work MUCH better to prevent than to try and overcome. Don't forget that.) As the storm hit she got up and put her head on our bed. But no running, no panting, no digging.

Next storm. A 'Severe Thunderstorm Warning' was in effect. Gave her 2 on an empty stomach. (And if you have tried the lower dose 'can they tolerate it' action - and you know they can on an empty that. L-Tryptophan is much better not competing with other amino acids.) Gave her another with a small meal 20 min later. Then one last pill as the storm hit. And? She sat on the couch like nothing was going on. The 'Booms' didn't drive her anxiety.

Our GSD is exercised to exhaustion almost twice per day. She never lacks for activity. And yet the noise of thunder and fireworks would still snap her out of post exercise relaxed state. Didn't want prescription benzos. And now with NaturVet Quiet doesn't look like we will need them at all. Awesome.

Get them on Amazon.

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