Video of a dad & daughter with Tourette's playing cards is amazing

Guignol D'Algol writes, "I have Tourette's syndrome and Asperger's, I make videos as and when an obsession comes along that involves youtube, in fact every topic I do with enthusiasm is a result of an obsession with the subject, when the obsession dies so does my relationship with it. I have no natural social urge. I am trapped in the present moment, I have no emotional memories, thus I do not experience nostalgia nor can I imagine a future or past where things are better or worse. Resting on top of this tumult of fun neurological 'wonders' is a light frosting I like to call my personality."

For this specific video, he adds: "My Daughter and I have Tourette's, she does not have it as intense as I, but she is on the same cycle, thus, when it is my tic day, it is also her day for internal pressure build up, she finds herself going nuts, the only solution for all involved is for her to be with me and 'work' the energy. Nothing like a nice game of cards!.
I fell asleep, not long after recording this."


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