Bucs CB Brent Grimes' 'Jew buddy' Jay Glazer just slammed his attention whore WAG

Buccaneers cornerback Brent Grimes' WAG Miko was being dumb on Twitter again this weekend, aiming at, sigh, Miami Dolphins QB Ryan Tannehill and executive vice president Mike Tannenbaum. NO reason to even post the drivel at length but we'll place one here for shits and giggles.

So another Jew stepped in and put her in her place. Jay Glazer.

@iHeartMiko your husband spilled blood out there, NOT YOU! He's the one who worked his ass, I saw his work ethic first-hand. Your attention-whore antics only makes a great player undesirable, which is a disservice to your whole family and his legacy. Great player w a wife who just won't shut the fuck up and let the man do what he's meant to do. Once again, signed his "Jew buddy" who got him trained in MMA in Atlanta when he first shined.

Bam. Good job Jayson.


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