German's RTL TV published 2012 'revenge porn' pics of Emma Holten...2 weeks ago

Do you recall Emma Holten? Holten was the target of 'revenge porn' or 'forced pornography' four years ago when someone hacked nude images of her in an ex-boyfriend's apartment and uploaded them to a “creepshot” website.

She countered by uploading her own photos.

Last week, RTL's 'Top 10...' ran something called "The 10 most titillating stories of the world" in which they listed 'B-celebrities' that had a sexual basis for their fame.

They showed the stolen pictures of Holten. Unpixelated. With just a blue star over her nipples.

German friends alerted the activist to the recent program. "I have seen the article, and it was extremely painful for me I feel abused," she told the "world". "In many of the pictures, the RTL, I'm definitely not even 18 years old. I can not imagine that this is legal to me." RTL also attributed the pics to what 4 years ago may have been reported but that we know know isn't true - Holten's ex. "That is a lie and a defamation. My ex-boyfriend had nothing to do with..." she responded.

RTL has apologized to Emma but Holten has not ruled out legal action. Because, really...not one idiot at RTL could Google Emma's name and immediately know to move along?

Great fact checking there boys.

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