How'd you liked to have paid $600 extra to upgrade your Holland America cruise room to this window suite?

So, you drop an extra $600 bucks for the deluxe Holland America cruise line (a subsidiary of Carnival) window room and you get this.

All day, every day during Nate Zemanek's cruise.

Nate updates:

They are refunding our $600 upgrade and comping a nice dinner on the ship. They said they have something else in mind but are still discussing.

They can't for sure say whether or not the maintenance outside the window will continue, although it appears that there is still plenty of work to do as far as Nate could tell, although that's just his opinion.

They can't move us because the ship is full, which he understands.

This has not ruined his trip. He intends to have a blast and...has another 2 weeks to do so.

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