NY Post skewers fugazi WFAN ad practices & Mike Francesa / Joe Girardi's shady conflicts of interest

The Post went at Mike Francesa & WFAN for their shady advertising practices.

“Let’s Be Honest” Mike Francesa is also now heard in an auto commercial with Joe Girardi. Francesa introduces Girardi as someone we know to be a wise manager and consumer — not that Francesa would avoid such a conflicted interest to pocket some quick, easy dough.

That brings to mind his screaming on-air lecture to Chris Carlin on practicing sound, basic journalism. Another lost tape.

Besides working ($$) with those you're supposed to objectively interview on air...seems as if, off air, every Mike Francesa listener fits the following profile:

Fat (perhaps just bloated with pot belly)
Owns a car they can't sell and thus might donate.
Owes more than $5,000 in credit card debt and wants to cheat out on it.
Owes quite a bit of student loan debt and wants to cheat out on it.
Needs sheets featured in 'major magazines' (in those magazines in stories about how much the company is able to get folks to spend on sheets).
Doesn't own a Gillette razor.
Despite the student loan debt is pretty uneducated and might want to go back to radio school. (A radio school that would have dumbest talk show host on the planet Joe Benigno as a student.)

If only someone could point you in the right direction - Somabiotix or Nubiotix...

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