SNY embarrassed itself giving that creep Lenny Dykstra all that airtime

Recall when Yale grad Ron Darling said of that dopey Mets loyalty oath he signed, "I didn't read it."? Maybe he has a similar excuse for sitting down with that bum Lenny Dykstra for SNY. Phil Mushnick sums up:

Dykstra show an SNY softball

Not sure why SNY would be eager to produce a half-hour special on Lenny Dykstra (right), with Ron Darling (left) interviewing the recent but doubtful author of what’s transparently loaded with sensational autobiographical crud. But given that Dykstra’s standing as a minimally credible human remains low, SNY and Darling allowed him to ensnare them in his misanthropy.

For example, Darling’s questions and Dykstra’s slurred answers about drug use — steroids and cocaine — were limited to Dykstra’s post-Mets years with the Phillies.

Those 1980s Mets teams on which Darling and Dykstra played didn’t have significant drug issues? That not only went unaddressed, but also it placed SNY and Darling in a position of playing selective ball with a criminally convicted, desperate-for-dough creep.

Oh but was actually closer to an hour. Marc Malusis embarrassed himself opening his sit down for SNY's 'Covering All Bases' with the ex-con by shouting, "Legend!"

Only made worse by Dykstra, sitting, you know, there...opening with, "Can't wait to be here."


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