Steven Matz continues to be a complete and utter douchebag

Earlier this year, May: Steven Matz was removed with two out in the eighth, allowing two hits and no runs. As he reached the dugout, those devotees who had sat through a cold, rainy game gave him a standing ovation.

Game-faced, he ignored them. Didn’t even touch the bill of his cap, give half a wave or make with a slight smile. Nothing to indicate mutual regard or a back-at-ya “Thank you.” Come on, kid.

Last week? Same douchey thing. Phil Mushnick sums up, "Were we again not supposed notice that Steven Matz doesn’t appreciate appreciation? Matz, receiving a standing ovation after leaving with a one-hitter with one out in the eighth, just ignored it. He entered the dugout not even bothering to touch the brim of his cap. SNY’s Gary Cohen and Keith Hernandez must’ve missed this. Again. Even dour Colin Montgomerie acknowledged applause."

What an asshole.

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