9 years in -- Boomer & Carton summed up perfectly with bullet points

Boomer & Carton starts its 9th year this week. How's it going? So well that today's show serves as a perfect microcosm to the blueprint of the day to day show.

  • Boomer said process, hit the cough button, and all that stuff.
  • Al Dukes got a guest, Anthony Munoz, days after every other radio station in the country already had him. (He was probably promoting something.)
  • John Sterling, unfortunately still around, ruined updates.
  • If Sterling didn't ruin updates - Jerry Recco did. Laughing all over anything B&C said.
  • Carlton did Suzyn Waldman impersonations. Sang a Cookie song and asked, 'Right?' He then did an old man voice that one person in the world laughed at. Jerry Recco.
  • Rich guys talked gambling. Rich guys talked gifting each other brand new trucks and all that stuff.

How bad at producing and promoting B&C is call screener Al Dukes? The promo video for The Spot With Craig Carton dropped here on August 10th. It has 67,000 views.

That's more than all the Boomer & Carton YouTube 'moment of the day' videos released this year.


How to fix this? Fire Al Dukes.

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