Boomer Esiason would love if the Knicks could trade Melo for Kevin Love

2015 Boomer Esiason on Carmelo Anthony (WFAN lost the tapes): "If I'm a Knicks fan and my $125 million dollar all-world player is getting his All-Star jersey in a game he is not playing in so he can play in the All-Star game? What is that?! How does anyone out the justify that?! I can't even watch it. It is patently offensive."

April 2016, that embarrassing piece of crap Anthony sat out the LAST game of the NBA season for ... rest. Esiason said, "Good bye! Good riddance! Good day sir!"

Giddy. Boomer would be giddy if the Knicks could trade Melo to the Cavaliers for Kevin Love.

As would we.

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