Brian Buck: Joe Benigno is the laziest, must ungrateful son of a bitch on the radio

Why WFAN keeps Joe Benigno around is anyone's guess. Maybe he had photos or tapes of Mark Chernoff.

Red Ticket Blues now agrees.

Joe Benigno -- WFAN's resident creep, looks 80 is only 63, was asked by his simplistic partner in grime Evan Roberts Friday what he thought of the Joe Namath / Jim Kelly TNF open. Benigno didn't like it. But then? The pervert, a father himself, went on to put down Namath's kids, Jessica and Oliva, while he horndogged Kelly's girls, Erin and Camryn. "Jim's daughters 'had it all over' Joe's daughters."

Piece of garbage scumbag.

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