Chris Russo rips Cubans & Marlins fans for not supporting Jose Fernandez

Chris Russo opened his TV show Monday talking the tragedy that is Jose Fernandez' death. Russo felt that you'd never forget where you were when you heard he was dead, you know, since he was young innocent life with great talent...out!

Russo went on, "Tonight's [Mets game against the Marlins] going to be a terrible and ah ah - I mean you have to watch it to see how everything handles this."

Yeah, it was brutal. The loser NY Mets laid down and Bartolo Colon served up a meatball instead of eating one.

Later Russo was back, adding, "This is a story that is going to resonate for a long period of time. It's going to bother you for a long time."

We said at the time, "Yeah, sorry Chris - tonight will be brutal but 'bother you for a long time'? No. No it won't. We all have our own problems to deal with and in the big picture that is more important that the passing of a MLB player on a boat."

The day after the game? Russo was 'alarmed' -- calling out Marlins fans and Cuban Americans as 'a disgrace' for not better supporting the deceased Fernandez.

And nw Jose’s boxing instructor Matt Baiamonte is slamming rumors of drinking and boating. “I do not buy into the stories that they were drinking and that this is what caused the accident,” he told Hollywood Life. “Jose and Eduardo were clean living guys who loved to train and stay fit.”

Clean living nocturnal boaters.

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