Despite reviews showing it safe - Marco Rubio wants Jose Fernandez jetty probed

After the 32-foot boat owned by Jose Fernandez crashed into that jetty early Sunday - the Coast Guard said a lighted buoy that marks the channel opening at the end of the jetty was working properly. (The jetty itself does not have lights, but officials say routine reviews have concluded the existing navigational aids are adequate for safety). U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio, you know, because he's one of those wasteful US Senators...wants another probe anyway.

Rubio, a Florida Republican, sent a letter Wednesday to the Coast Guard and Army Corps of Engineers asking for a review of the century-old jetty and whether it poses a chronic danger to boaters. The jetty, which extends out from Miami's port, is difficult to see at night especially at high tide, Rubio said.

"While our hearts are heavy with grief for the numerous lives lost every year on the water, we can do more to save others," Rubio wrote. "As a boater myself, I have experienced firsthand the challenges this particular jetty can present to others trying to navigate around it."

Oh, really? Was it at 3AM? And if you 'have experienced firsthand the challenges this particular jetty' - why didn't you send a letter, you know, then?


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