Donald Cerrone: UFC protects Conor McGregor so other fighters don't jump him

Here's something you don't hear every day -- Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone told Boomer & Carton today that the UFC 'has sugar coated' Conor McGregor and that none of the other fighters like him.

"Vocally he writes checks his ass can't check. You rise fast, you fall fast."

Asked if other fighters like Conor because he brings attention to the UFC, Cerrone said, "No, everybody dislikes the kid. We were sitting at the MSG press conference and he was 20 minutes late. We had to be there on time - he's 20 minutes late. It's not the Conor show bro."

Esiason thought out loud that a fight could break out at a UFC presser to which Donald replied, "Oh, but they (the UFC) protect him. He's very protected. He doesn't stand in line with the rest of us. They gotta take him away because we'll just beat his ass. I'd beat his ass up and down the mat."

Bam. Guess that's why MSG called the presser...Wait.

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