FWC officer apparently screwed up key Jose Fernandez crash details

Recall that South region bravo Miami-Dade County Florida Fish & Wildlife (FWC) public information officer who was oddly upbeat leading into his death of Jose Fernández presser Sunday? (Upbeat and in need of white shirts, apparently.) Turns out he screwed up key details of the Jose Fernandez crash, according to the Miami Herald.

On Monday, a spokesman for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission told the Miami Herald that the boat belonged to Fernandez and not “a friend of Jose’s who is very well connected with several Marlins players,” as FWC Officer Lorenzo Veloz said publicly Sunday.

Also now in dispute is whether the boat was traveling at “full speed” when it hit the jetty, as first reported by Veloz, as well as the role alcohol may have played in the crash. Originally, Veloz insinuated alcohol had been ruled out, but on Tuesday, the agency told the Miami Herald that toxicology tests were being performed by the medical examiner’s office.

“Without getting into semantics on this, I can say that Officer Veloz made some statements at that press conference that were speculative in nature as well as anecdotal in nature. Unfortunately we’re unable to confirm some of what he said,” another FWC officer, Robert Klepper, told the Miami Herald on Tuesday. “He misspoke. He made a mistake.”

Got that? The first spokesman 'misspoke.'

You had one job.

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