Gov. Christie relayed the real time reaction of the state house to NJ bomber Ahmad Khan Rahami

The day before his bridge trial talked missing persons, dead elderly, etc. -- Gov Chris Christie had time to fill in for Boomer Esiason on WFAN to talk Ahmad Khan Rahami with Chris Carlton.

Chris Carlton: Before we get to Jerry, I have to ask, You know we all kind of followed this in real-time yesterday and obviously over the weekend with this terrorist, who had ten pipe bomb throughout New York and New Jersey, starting in New Jersey, of course the first one went off right before a 5k was going to be run in Seaside and then of course the one on 23rd, and then we find another one. When you find out about it, and I know you had a town hall meeting yesterday, can you just walk people through as Governor of New Jersey, the real-time reaction to what was going on?

Governor Christie: Sure, I had a town hall meeting at 11:00 yesterday, and so right before I went out there, I got briefed by the Attorney General and Head of State Police that they had leads on where this guy was, and law enforcement was moving in. So then, I got into the town hall meeting and started doing my presentation at this meeting and get ready to take questions, and then one of my aides came in with a piece of paper and put it on the music stand I have where I keep my notes, which said, suspect found, two police shot as well, he is shot as well, he is in custody, they’re taking him to the hospital. And, you know, we had been pretty optimistic almost from the beginning of the weekend when the first explosion happened in Seaside, within a few hours, my guys were saying to me, there’s a lot of evidence here, we are going to be able to find this guy.

Carlton: So they felt good from the first reaction, they felt good right away that they would find the guy?

Governor Christie: Yeah, they felt pretty good that there was at least sufficient evidence that they were going to be able to identify the guy and then hopefully go get him. So I always felt pretty good over the weekend that, you know, with the FBI, and the New Jersey State Police, and NYPD, and everybody was on this, that this guy was not, whoever he was, was not long for being on the lamb for long.

Carlton: For everyone with this nonsensical antipolice rhetoric lately in this country, it took 48 hours for law enforcement to find the bad guy and take him down.

Governor Christie: It’s absolutely right.

Craig Carton: Which is unbelievable.

Governor Christie: It’s an incredible job by them, by all of them together, you know, all the different law enforcement levels, and they all worked together and it’s the way we set it up, you know because you know I was U.S. Attorney right after 9/11, this is a new system we set up with everybody working together, everybody sharing information, none of the territorial garbage that used to go on where you couldn’t get information. And everybody working together and sharing this stuff helps to lead to giving you a chance to catch these guys quickly. And who knows what this guy would have done next if he had been out there for too long, so.

Craig Carton: And the really good news is that that the officers that were shot will be okay.

Governor Christie: They’re all fine. They had their vests, and they are all going to be good. And listen, they deserve enormous credit, and the Linden police department there, who were the folks –

Craig Carton: They are the heroes. They’re heroes everyday but they found a really bad guy and are going to put him away.

Governor Christie: And they took him down with nobody dying, including him. So now we’re going to get to talk to him. Now, we’ll get to talk to him which will be good.

Interesting how under Christie the NJSP seems to have disappeared from the New Jersey Parkway. Drivers merge when the have a yield to enter with impunity. Folks in Honda Accords zip from lane to lane at 95 MPH. Others sit in the left lane doing 60 MPH and...30% of drivers are texting or on their phones...all free from being stopped.

But we do have to admit - Christie has come a long way since he got stuck in that chair.

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