Here's Chris Russo announcing his SIRIUS return with Howard Stern

Chris Russo announced on Howard Stern today that, for some reason, SIRIUS has resigned him for 3 more year. MarksFriggin sums up:

Howard said Mike [Francesa] is retiring from WFAN and the rumor was that they were reuniting but Mad Dog has a big announcement. Mad Dog said he has re-signed with SiriusXM. He said that he did that because Howard is sticking around. Howard said he made a bad deal last time. Howard said this time he must have done better. Mad Dog said that he told his agent that he would sign in 20 minutes if they got to this figure he had in his mind. He said Scott Greenstein got there and that was it. He said he is fair and he wanted to leave both sides happy. He said he doesn't want to be greedy.

Howard said he's claiming that the entire negotiation was 20 minutes. Mad Dog said yes, essentially. Mad Dog said Greenstein has been tight with him for years. He said he told his agent to take more money in the third year so he has more to negotiate with next time.

Howard said he has to think about that. Howard said he's saying take less first and second year and take more in the third. Howard said maybe he's saying they'll get rid of him in the second year. Mad Dog said they never fire you there. He said they'll be good to you for life.

Howard asked if Mike is going to join him there. Mad Dog said he can never see him coming to a place where he was first. He said if they asked him to reunite with him he wouldn't say no to that. Howard said they have to talk about some other things too. Howard said Robin says he's too high energy.

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