Hillary's route to the Hofstra debate revealed

The NY Post's Hondo reveals...

Hillary Clinton has begun compiling a checklist of what to bring to her first debate Monday at Hofstra. Included so far are: lozenges, an earpiece, Mucinex, a pickle jar (with the cap loosened), anti-vertigo medication and, because she never goes anywhere without it, hot sauce. By the way, when the Portly Pantsuit travels to Hofstra, she will take the road she most frequently travels: the LIE.

Hillary, speaking to the Laborers’ International Union of North America on Wednesday, wondered (somewhat maniacally): “Why aren’t I 50 points ahead?” That’s an easy one. It’s because in addition to all of her other ailments, she has an awful case of the “uns:” She’s unlikable, untrustworthy, unappealing and unbelievable.

Never forget: Hillary Clinton wears Yankees cap one day, Cubs cap the next.

[NY Post]

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