How is mayor Janice Mironov's East Windsor NJ infrastructure so bad?

Does East Windsor NJ Mayor Janice Mironov ignore resident complaints?

Allegedly, yes.

Is East Windsor NJ's water is polluted?

Reportedly, yes.

And now? Yet another reader sends along video regarding 20 year Mayor Mironov: "Hey Bob's Blitz -- What is East Windsor NJ mayor Janice Mironov doing with all that money from the 3rd highest effective tax rate in Mercer County guys? Look at this street! That's a side street!"

"Perhaps she uses all that tax money for all those pictures of herself plastered in every single East Windsor Newsletter!" (Which, interestingly enough, are missing as of press time.)

Oh and the ongoing joke in her town? Why does the road crew's staffing double in summer time? Because they're allowed to hire one PT college kid...

Update: Mayor Janice Mironov's East Windsor NJ a death trap due to untrimmed trees.

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