Lou's Play: quadriplegic cerebral palsy battler Lou Stamley scores first wheelchair TD of the season

Canton, NC -- 10-yr-old Lou Stamley was born with quadriplegic cerebral palsy. Recently, his dad unexpectedly passed away. Lou, wheelchair bound and unable to speak much, took on dad's love of football though. Rivals Canton Middle School and Waynesville Middle played last week and Stamley showed up with a 'Eat my Dust' sign on his chair. A precursor to his 50 yard touchdown roll...

Canton Coach Josh Simmons drew up a play for this game so great, Waynesville wouldn't even try to stop it. It was a simple play, with a special name.

"Lou play on three. Lou Play on three. One, two, three, Lou Play," the team exclaimed from a huddle.

Best part? Waynesville players diving at him, trying to stop the inevitable.

"Something special," his mom said as she wiped away tears.


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