News12 NJ's Roxanne Evans friggin' lost it reporting crash of 83-year-old clown with oversized shoes

News12 New Jersey Roxanne Evans, "When two clowns crashed it was no laughing matter. And no it was not part of their act. Two elderly men crashed their mini-van on the way to the local fair. The driver, 83 year old James Billingsley, aka Dimples The Clown, collided…"

"He missed the entrance but when he tried to make a U turn, he slammed right into an SUV. They’re okay. Police say Dimples was wearing oversized clown shoes..."

All delivered while cracking up...much to the delight of star weatherman Dave Curren & co-anchor Bryan Jenkins.

"But police say that they did not play a role in the crash."

Now...contrast that with Natasha Exelby...who caught the giggles while reporting the death of 5 children...before watching these reporters flub (and then laugh) and try not to laugh yourself.

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