Phil Mushnick disgusted by disgusting Hannah Storm and ESPN pigs, Buster Olney

Seconds after reading a statement from the Miami Marlins that stated their game with the Braves was cancelled due to the boating death of Jose Fernandez - Hannah Storm, "...Buster Olney, just moments ago, confirmed multiple reports that Jose Fernandez is dead."

Olney: "I don't have any details but...damn that Jose was passionate."

Disgusting pigs.

Phil Mushnick, today:

ESPN gets some self-promotion in during tragedy

Would ESPN exploit a sudden, tragic death for self-promotion? Of course, it would!
Hannah Storm reported that ESPN’s “Buster Olney just moments ago confirmed multiple reports that Jose Fernandez is dead.” Good grief.

On the subject of shameless promotion, the Yankees’ WFAN pregame on Sunday, included an ad for a car dealership promoting the on-lot appearance of Lawrence Taylor!


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