Watch ahole Vitalii Sediuk assault Gigi Hadid (& catch an elbow for his efforts)

Gigi Hadid was on her way to a car with sister Bella leaving a show in Milan when noted jackass Vitalii Sediuk seized her and lifted her up.

Gigi was having none of it - elbowing him in the face and then pursuing him screaming, "Who the f*ck are you, you piece of sh*t?!"

Gigi took to Twitter to bash his cowardice and compliment her fists.

Bam. (Update - the jerk says it was 'a protest' of Instagram 'models.'

This the same jerk who was pushed off the Grammy's stage by J-Lo as he tried to crash Adele in 2013 and the idiot who Will Smith pushed and slapped at the MIB3 Moscow premiere in 2012 after the 'prankster' tried to kiss him.

*Update - Sediuk just molested Kim Kardashian.

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