2016 NFL Week 6 - top performers & disappointments

2016 NFL: Week 6 Top Performers and Disappointments

By Brian Norris

As we near the meat of the NFL season, we're seeing the cream of the league rise to the top. However, in this Any Given Sunday league, we're bound to see some ups and downs for some of the most consistent performers in the league. Here, we'll spell out some of the players that we thought were fantastic, as well as those that we felt should have given us more in Week 6.

Top Performers of the Week

Drew Brees

Drew Brees definitely did some damage this week against the Panthers defense. Of course, this is a near constant for the man out of Purdue, as he ended the week topping Peyton Manning's record for 400 yard games. While that in and of itself is quite impressive, he finished with a stat line that included four touchdowns to one pick, a 69.4 completion percentage, and a passer rating of 118.2.

Jay Ajayi

It's hard to compile a list without Ajayi, who absolutely torched the Steelers defense with his 206 yards and two touchdowns. While this isn’t the Pittsburgh defense of old, this is a performance that no one saw coming. While the Dolphins seem to be in a bit of a tailspin, this running back may be what they need to turn their season around.

Odell Beckham Jr.

OBJ always seems to top top performer lists and this week is no different. He absolutely went after the Ravens with eight receptions, 222 yards, and two touchdowns. His longest play from scrimmage was a 75 yard bomb from Eli, stretching his reception average to 27.8 on the day. Though consistency is lacking, this offense should be back in the discussion for most dangerous in the league.

Week 6 Disappointments

Todd Gurley

It's no secret that Todd Gurley has been in a slump this whole season, but he still deserves a spot on the list considering that last week was supposed to be a return to form for the talented running back. Expectations were based solely on the following: he was matched up against the Lions defense. Even against the shoddy Detroit defense, Gurley carried the ball for only 58 yards on 14 touches. He also failed to score a touchdown for the second time in three weeks.

Devonta Freeman

Devonta Freeman - an integral part of the NFL's top offense - didn't exactly turn in an impressive ball game. Sure, he played against Seattle's defense, but one would think that he would have gotten some traction catching passes out of the backfield. He ended up with 40 yards on 12 attempts, failing to score a touchdown. In fact, almost all of his yardage came from one decently long scamper.

Travis Kelce

Travis Kelce is another player who could have done much more than what he did. He failed to get much separation from the Raiders defense, who generally struggles to cover most offensive players, especially one of Kelce's talent. His three catches in the game only amounted to 31 yards and no touchdowns. While that doesn't seem too bad for a tight end, Alex Smith is known for dumping the ball off and routinely going to his safety net as a means to score points, so this performance was surely a disappointment.

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