Braxton Miller claims responsibility for Cubs jinx Kyle Schwarber

October 13, 2015 -- Kyle Schwarber crushed one out of Wrigley Field to extend the Cubs' lead over the Cardinals in the 7th inning. A fan was photographing the game when he noticed the ball, reported. The team verified that the ball was Schwarber's and said they would leave it up there in a plexiglass case. Which sounded like an excellent move. Not anything that could jinx a team or anything. Because the Chicago Cubs know karma.

“It’s a great honor,” Schwarber said at the time, via the Chicago Tribune. “Wrigley Field has such great history. For it to stay up there for however long it does — I don’t know how long they plan on keeping it up there -- it will be cool.”

“It’s fun. But I’m not focused on a home run ball. I’m focused on our next series, just being able to get our bodies right.”

Too bad he was dwelling on it at all's a jinx.

The Mets swept the Cubs and, this past April, Kyle Schwarber was injured in a collision. Out for the year they said.

But he's not. Schwarber returned as the team's DH. And was not a good move. Because Kyle Schwarber, ladies and gentlemen, is a jinx.

The last thing Chicago should be doing. (Luckily the 240 pound Schwarber chose not to lose any of the 45 some pounds that would have let him, perhaps, play the field at Wrigley.)

And now? Braxton Miller just posted this: "The day I made Kyle Schwarber choose baseball. Still has that #WorldSeries Attitude! #TBT #Cubs #KyleSchwarber — feeling proud with Kyle Schwarber."

The jinx continues.

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