CBS co-conspirator Kevin Harlan a disgraceful NFL shill

CBS' NFL screamer, Kevin Harlan (who once reported that Gary Kubiak's condition 'was ruled a stroke...'), was asked by Justin Terranova this ridiculous leading question, "Has moving the London games to the morning (for U.S. viewers) given the game more importance?"

The accomplice answered, "I think people wake up for the game and they are ready to go, whether it’s 6:30 in L.A. or 9:30 in New York. I’ve heard nothing but positives for the game being shown right off the bat. It gives it a singular feel. The NFL has probably found a very comfortable niche in establishing that and they think, 'My gosh we could do this on an even more regular basis.'"

He's 'heard nothing but positives.' Got that? You've screamed (and heard) nothing but negatives about the stupid cross the pond games but Kevin Harlan has heard nothing but positives. Ridiculous.

[NY Post]

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