Cubs jinx Kyle Schwarber returns

October 13, 2015 -- Kyle Schwarber crushed one out of Wrigley Field to extend the Cubs' lead over the Cardinals in the 7th inning. A fan was photographing the game when he noticed the ball, reported. The team verified that the ball was Schwarber's and said they would leave it up there in a plexiglass case. Which sounded like an excellent move. Not anything that could jinx a team or anything. Because the Chicago Cubs know karma.

“It’s a great honor,” Schwarber said at the time, via the Chicago Tribune. “Wrigley Field has such great history. For it to stay up there for however long it does — I don’t know how long they plan on keeping it up there -- it will be cool.”

“It’s fun. But I’m not focused on a home run ball. I’m focused on our next series, just being able to get our bodies right.”

Too bad he was dwelling on it at all's a jinx.

The Mets swept the Cubs and, this past April, Kyle Schwarber was injured in a collision. Out for the year they said.

But he's not. Today, Schwarber returns as the team's DH. And it is not a good move. Because Kyle Schwarber, ladies and gentlemen, is a jinx.

The last thing Chicago should be doing...

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