Cyclist Jeremy Santucci crashed, whined, & broke his bike in 2 after slamming it

Cyclist Jeremy Santucci crashed in Milan on Saturday - leaving him out of qualifying for the Red Hook Criterium.

Then he whined about it on Instagram. "at least everyone can see it wasn't my fault , apparently this guy was pro 😳"

But that was after he slammed the bike to the ground -- cracking it in two.

And it gets better: It wasn't his bike. It was a friend's. His is in the shop.

He later added, "When you heart rate is above 190 and you train all year for finals and get crashed out ... there are a lot of feelings running through you....I wasn't the one in the front , that was the rider who crashed us all out I had to avoid hurting others and hit the wall, at 38 mph."

Damn bicyclists.

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