DJ Swearinger almost beheaded Charone Peake last night & left him bleeding

Arizona Cardinal DJ Swearinger almost beheaded NY Jet Charone Peake last night.

Which...left Peake spitting up blood.

Nice lead right there outta Ryan Fitzpatrick.

“You’ve got to see it before it happens,” Swearinger said. “I’d seen a certain route that we were expecting to get. I was hoping he’d throw it — I was actually hoping he’d throw it a little later so I could get an interception, but he threw it when he threw it and I had to make him pay for it.”

“It’s tough out there, man,” Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald said. “You go across that middle, it’s part of the game. I’m happy he was able to get up from it, but that’s part of it. You go across there, somebody could lay a hat on you. It’s happened to me many a time.”

Peake then left to pitch for the Cleveland Indians.

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